The Sub-Sonaruim


As you may already know, Daniel Yasmin and I had our proposal approved for funding by the Burning Man art dept this year.

We submitted a design for an interactive, immersive sound sculpture that uses vibrating springs and visitor participation to create a low frequency environment.

This is especially exciting for me for two reasons:

The first is that I am collaborating with a new friend and musician and hope to learn a lot about percussion, the behavior of sound waves and their influence on the human body. The second reason is that for the first time I am in the manager’s seat. All of my previous collaborative work was on the design and fabrication side. With this project I hope to gain the necessary skills to push my career forward.

I signed the contract this afternoon and our first check is on its way.

Make sure to check back here to see our progress with this piece over the next few months.

Here we go!

-Stay Tuned




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