The Sub-Sonarium

I was very happy to have read the acceptance letter from the Burning Man Art office a few days ago. It stated that they decided to fund my collaborative project with Daniel Yasmin this year.

We will be building a large-scale sound piece that uses vibrating springs to create long, oscillating tones similar to distant thunder.

Here are some concept drawings of the piece which I suspect will evolve over the next few months. So, be sure to check back to see the progress as it happens.

-Stay Tuned


Playa View

Dimensional View

Interior View – Looking up


The video here demonstrates a “thunder drum”. This is essentially a miniature scale model of our piece. The small drum produces the sound of rolling thunder via vibrations in the drum head caused by the movement of the spring.

Instead of shaking the drum (like in this video), our piece is activated by visitors shaking the springs inside the interior space of the piece itself.

The sound you are hearing in this video is similar, but less rich than what the Sub-Sonarium will create.

Check back for periodic updates on our progress.

-Stay Tuned

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