RGR, Beakerhead And The Canadian Rockies


I just returned from Calgary, where 5 Ton Crane installed the Ray Gun Gothic Rocket at the 1st annual Beakerhead festival of art, science and engineering. The RGR was well received by the event organizers and seemed to be enjoyed by most. More than in any other place however, the Canadians were confused as to why anyone would make something like the RGR. We were asked all the usual questions: “Does it fly?”,  “Is it real?”, “Will you launch it? To which we answered, “Yes, its fueled by imagination.”

After 5 long days of install and maintenance, we were relieved by the second wave of 5TC crew, who flew in for the event. We took that as an opportunity to go explore the Canadian Rockies for a day.

All in all I would consider RGR mission #5 a big success.

-Stay Tuned

Canadian rockies.


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