I just picked these beauties up. They were part of a mobile organ / tricycle project that was built for a reality television show the Crucible was involved with a few years ago. Since then, they have been awaiting a new fate in the bike department’s storage area, where they have been collecting dust and getting in the way.

My friend and collaborator, Sudhu Tewari, recently became the head of that dept and wanted to reclaim the trike frame they were adhered to for another project.  When he offered the pipes to me, I graciously accepted.

These might just be the things to remedy the problems Peter Kropf and I have been experiencing with our map project. We have been playing with another set of pipes for this project, but used a DIY wind chest instead of one designed specifically for the pipes. We found that pipes like this need a carefully regulated and pressurized supply of air. Blowing the air in with a HVAC blower had not given us the desired results. The wind chest these pipes came with has working solenoid valves. Once we figure out the pressure issue, we should have some results.

-Stay Tuned

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