Marine Fabrication In Alaska

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I just finished my second season working as a marine welder / fabricator in Kodiak Alaska. Most of the Alaskan salmon fishing fleet moors their boats here because the gulf of Ak. is relatively mild compared to the coast north of the Aleutian Island chain.

My experience here has been mixed. On the one hand, I have been exposed to an industry that I had no previous experience with, and from that have learned a great many new things about welding and fabrication. On the other hand, Fishing is a risky industry where it is difficult to make good money if you don’t know exactly how to plug into it. Timing is a major factor along with many others including climate change and the market.

I had a hard time generating the kind of work that I had hoped for, but still came out of it in decent shape. Above are some images of the work I did over the past two seasons.

I’ll be heading south in a few days to resume some ongoing projects and start some new ones at the Lost & Foundry.

-Stay Tuned

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