Heading To London For The Beam Festival

I am very excited to announce that my recent string piece, Tones, was accepted into the 2012 Beam Festival hosted by Brunel University, Uxbridge. The festival is dedicated to the physical nature and live performance of electronic music.

From their web site – ” BEAM is a high-tech music weekender, a playground of homemade instruments and sonic installations, where you can listen to, watch and learn how to create your own physically living electronic music.  BEAM was devised by Artistic Director Sarah Nicolls to explore the potential physicality of electronic music. The focus on electronic music being created LIVE is explored through a programme of performances, demonstrations, installations and workshops. BEAM brings together a global audience of artists, researchers, DiY electronics builders and enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans.”

I am honored, and a bit intimidated, to be a part of something that is not only a huge interest of mine, but also full of people that are far more advanced in this kind of stuff than I am. I hope to rob them of as much knowledge as I possible can.

-Stay tuned



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