DIY Woodstove – Part 1

I had really hoped to be finished with this project before the onset of winter, but as usual, my personal projects ended up in the back seat to a few other paid gigs. The cold snap that we have experienced in Oakland however has prompted this back to the top of the to do list.

I recently got my hands on this beautiful steel sphere which was salvaged from an architectural fire suppressant system. It is about 2′ in diameter and about 80 lbs. I knew immediately that it was going to be the body of my new stove.

The best feature about it it is the wall thickness at 1/4″. My old boss fabricated the wood stove in his shop and found that, after years of raging internal fires, the walls had reduced significantly in mass because of oxidation scale. Anything thinner then 1/4″ would have a much shorter life span. 

Here is a photo set of my progress so far.

-Stay Tuned

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