Dialogues In Motion Picked Up By Portland Art Museum

Dialogs In Motion – 2012 from Benjamin Carpenter on Vimeo.

In 2012, my friend and collaborator Sudhu Tewari and I responded to a call made by the SFMOMA. They were asking artists to design games that visitors could play while viewing the work in the museum.

We came up with an idea that involved combining specific physical movements with words commonly used in art discourse. Dialogues In Motion, along with 3 other games, was accepted by SFMOMA as part of their ARTGAMELAB exhibition.

Last week I was contacted by the interpretive media specialist from the Portland Art Museum because they wanted to use our game for their new Friday night programming.

So, if you are in Portland Oregon Friday Oct 3rd, and you make it to the museum, and you see a bunch of people acting like fools, then they are probably playing our game.

-Stay Tuned

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