Cog & Chain

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I don’t remember which I found first, the massive cog or the 6′ of burly chain, but the day I found that they mesh I was happier than a pigeon with a french fry.

Sadly, that excitement was shelved, along with the chain and cog, for a while as other, paying, projects passed through my shop.

As any horder  sculptor can tell you, the compulsion to save things of value sometimes conflicts with the efficiency of storing them. What follows is both the disappearance of cool stuff into the depths of one’s work space, but also the occasional joy of re-finding them.

This is exactly what happened last week as I unearthed the forgotten cog and chain out from behind a stack of buckets underneath my drill press.

I was so happy to see these objects again that I decided to put them directly in my line of sight for the next week or so to see if I can think of what to do with them. This usually encourages my inspiration and I really am looking forward to seeing what happens.

-Stay Tuned


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