A Brief Interview About Teaching In The Crucible’s Youth Program

Each year the Crucible hosts a youth summer camp offering a range of classes in the industrial arts. For the past two years I have participated as a teacher in the Kinetics and Blacksmithing departments.

My interest in this program is the opportunity it gives me to observe the kids form new relationships to the three-dimensional world we live in.

As our educations move further away from hands-on experiences, programs like this re-connect kids with notions of material awareness, energy consumption, use and re-reuse.

It has always been exciting for me to see the kids that come through the program leave with an invigorated sense of curiosity, zeal and a hand-full of new skills to manifest their creativity.

A crew from the Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley school of journalism came by one day to shoot some video. They interviewed me and one of my students as well teachers from other classes.

Watch the videos about the other departments.

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