Artwork - 2009

Dizygotic Life

All of the twins that I have met in the past have had quirks that I always believed enhanced their personalities. I heard this story in a bar one night and was deeply moved. I asked if I could get it on video and the person agreed only if he could remain anonymous.

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Autonomous Mechanisms

Autonomous Mechanisms is a short video that was made as an exercise in editing.

Autonomous Mechanisms from Benjamin Carpenter on Vimeo.

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Industrial Archeology

Industrial Archeology is a short video that I made while learning how to edit in Final Cut Pro.

Industrial Archeology from Benjamin Carpenter on Vimeo.

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Ray Gun Gothic Rocket (With 5 Ton Crane)

The Raygun Gothic Rocket is the second major collaborative project from 5 Ton Crane. The project was led by Sean Orlando, David Shulman and Nathaniel Taylor with major support from the rest of the 5 TC crew. I was personally responsible for the production of one of the video installations for the interior and some of the structural fabrication of the steel hull.

It has been installed in the Black Rock Desert, NASA Ames in Silicon Valley and is currently on exhibit at San Francisco’s Embarcadero Pier 14.

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