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Maliq & The Crucible’s Apprentice Program

I was asked last summer if I was interested in being a mentor in the Crucible’s emerging apprentice program. I agreed and have since been fostering four, smart, and talented young people as they develop a skill set designed to give them a leg up in their first steps into adulthood.

Here is a short video that spotlights Maliq, one of my apprentices.

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Monica Coyne – Blacksmith

Monica Coyne Artist Blacksmith from Rob Genolio on Vimeo.

I’ve never met Monica Coyne, but I sure like what she has to say about iron and blacksmithing.

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Marine Fabrication In Alaska

Beads5 Beads1 Beads11 PullyMount RailBase4 RailBase6 RailDetail2 StitchBead

I just finished my second season working as a marine welder / fabricator in Kodiak Alaska. Most of the Alaskan salmon fishing fleet moors their boats here because the gulf of Ak. is relatively mild compared to the coast north of the Aleutian Island chain.

My experience here has been mixed. On the one hand, I have been exposed to an industry that I had no previous experience with, and from that have learned a great many new things about welding and fabrication. On the other hand, Fishing is a risky industry where it is difficult to make good money if you don’t know exactly how to plug into it. Timing is a major factor along with many others including climate change and the market.

I had a hard time generating the kind of work that I had hoped for, but still came out of it in decent shape. Above are some images of the work I did over the past two seasons.

I’ll be heading south in a few days to resume some ongoing projects and start some new ones at the Lost & Foundry.

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Lost & Foundry – Open House


The Lost & Foundry Gallery is hosting another show / open house this Feb 26th 4-8-pm

New work from the current residents of the studio will be on exhibit in the gallery space as well as open studios throughout the building.

I will even have some new stuff to show.

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Custom Calipers Case

01 02 03 05 07 08

I got these calipers years ago while clearing out the basement of an old farm house in Buxton Maine. Some friends and I were hired to clean the space which had been converted into a pretty stunning workshop by the recently decease craftsmen and husband to the woman who hired us. She wanted his tools and equipment to be donated to my school and we were there to catalog and move them to their new home. When it was all said and done, I got to keep everything that my school already had, which ended up being a great score.

I haven’t had much need for these calipers until I began learning machine work in my new(ish) job at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. This was also a great opportunity to practice my woodworking skills by building a custom case for them.

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African Blacksmiths

Ok, so you think standing in front of a hot fire, holding a 2000 degree piece of iron, and swinging a large hammer all day is hard work? Try doing it without safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, or even pants for that matter.

Add in the distinct lack of tools, such as an anvil, and what you have is a humbling experience for anyone who might consider themselves to be a contemporary blacksmith.

The unbelievable badass work of the smiths in this video is a powerful motivator and a testament to the industriousness of people.

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Tuning Forks

 IMG_7363  IMG_7367  IMG_7370

If you have been reading my blog, then you would know about my Tones piece and how I have been exploring the world of sound with a series of vibrating stings. In that exploration I was naturally drawn to other vibrating objects and what followed was my DIY tuning fork experiments.

Sadly, they did not immediately produce the sounds I was hoping for. However, they were a lot of fun to make and the process helped me to understand the mechanics of vibrations a little more than I did before the experiment.

Who knows, with some fussing and tuning perhaps they will be just as accurate as the store bought ones.

That, however will have to wait because right now I am moving forward with my DIY gear project which is part of a new sculpture that I am very excited about.

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David Ponsler Is A Blacksmith

I especially like what David Ponsler has to say about the challenges of blacksmithing in this short, but sweet film by Joe Karably.

“There isn’t much time for anything else.” Ain’t that the truth bro.

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Cog & Chain Progress

Cog TemplateVideo Maker

Ok, so the cog & chain that I posted about last week has been sitting on my floor ever since. In that time it has been whispering to me what it wants to become and I’ve been listening.

The two pieces together have so much potential for interesting movement that it would be a down right shame if they didn’t become kinetic in some way. In order for that I reckon that at least one more cog will be needed.

Years ago, my friend and colleague Ben Cowden figured out a clever method for DIY gears. I used his technique to duplicate this cog in a plywood template. Next I’ll transfer the pattern to a steel plate and mill the new cog.

-Stay Tuned

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Cog & Chain

IMG_20141013_141520 IMG_20141013_141713

IMG_20141013_141608 IMG_20141013_141631

I don’t remember which I found first, the massive cog or the 6′ of burly chain, but the day I found that they mesh I was happier than a pigeon with a french fry.

Sadly, that excitement was shelved, along with the chain and cog, for a while as other, paying, projects passed through my shop.

As any horder  sculptor can tell you, the compulsion to save things of value sometimes conflicts with the efficiency of storing them. What follows is both the disappearance of cool stuff into the depths of one’s work space, but also the occasional joy of re-finding them.

This is exactly what happened last week as I unearthed the forgotten cog and chain out from behind a stack of buckets underneath my drill press.

I was so happy to see these objects again that I decided to put them directly in my line of sight for the next week or so to see if I can think of what to do with them. This usually encourages my inspiration and I really am looking forward to seeing what happens.

-Stay Tuned


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